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Every Thursday from 12pm to 3pm – At 41 Murdock Ave, Kapuskasing ON

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Feeding people is an expression of love and appreciation. That is the core belief upon which the Warm Belly Kitchen was founded.

Seeing the struggles faced by our community members and wishing to give back, JT&Co., in collaboration with the Kapuskasing Food Bank, decided to start a soup kitchen. The goal was to provide a space where everyone could gather, eat, and share with one another. A space where everyone could feel at home.


The Warm Belly Kitchen opened its doors on July 21st, 2022, serving up free lunches on Thursdays to the people in and around Kapuskasing. While we were initially running the kitchen out of the Food Bank’s basement, the Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre later joined our initiative by offering the use of their kitchen facilities and equipment. The KIFC has been our home ever since.


Our weekly lunches are made possible by our stellar team of volunteers and the generous donations from community members. We are continually amazed at the overwhelming kindness and support shown by the people of Kapuskasing. Together, we are spreading love within the community and helping to reduce food insecurity.


In addition to the donations we receive, our operations are funded by the various fundraising events and campaigns held throughout the year, often in collaboration with other local organizations and charities.


Our community efforts have also expanded to include workshops, community outreach initiatives, and the establishment of a community garden.


With the launch of the community garden, we aim to eventually become a largely self-sufficient kitchen. Half of the grown crops are harvested for the kitchen and local food bank, and the other half is made available for community picking. This initiative is made possible by the partnership between the Warm Belly Kitchen, the Centre de Santé, the Kapuskasing and Area Family Health Team, l’Université de Hearst, the Kapuskasing Horticultural Society, the Kapuskasing Food Bank, and the Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre.

Our Mission

Fighting food insecurity while bringing awareness to the issue within our community.

Our Vision

Ensuring everyone feels supported by their community and has access to a warm meal no matter their current situation.

Our Values


We strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that feels like drawing up a chair to your best friend’s table. Nothing pairs better with a warm meal than a bright smile.



Everyone who walks through our doors or attends our events is treated with dignity and respect. We value the unique experiences and skills of every person, and we believe that everyone has an important story only they can tell.



We are dedicated to working with our community members and establishing meaningful partnerships to broaden our opportunities to enact positive change within the north. We believe we can accomplish more when we work together, and we recognize the hard work of our community volunteers.



We recognize the value of a strong and unified community. We aim to provide a space where community members can gather and form long-lasting bonds.



We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard, as it is our responsibility to the community to conduct our operations in an honest and transparent manner.

Amanda Rickard

When helping to start the Warm Belly Kitchen, Amanda was seeking to use her passion for food and people to do some good in the community. Since the kitchen first opened its doors, the volunteers and clients have become an important part of her life and family, and she is immensely grateful for the experiences this community-supported organization has afforded her.


Diane Levesque

Diane joined the Warm Belly Kitchen in July 2022 due to a desire to seek out new experiences. She has remained an integral part of the kitchen ever since because of the joy that the work brings her, knowing how important the kitchen is to the community, and her love of meeting new people. She has greatly enjoyed working alongside Amanda, and the two have become good friends.

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