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Throughout the training, we make the magic happen!

Between sessions, the JT&Co team works on 

  • Analyzing the business environment

  • developing a one-year marketing strategy

  • Developing a marketing budget and implementation plan

The plan will be presented at the end of the training.

Bonus! An iPad is provided to facilitate learning and implementation of the plan.

Budget and implementation

Development of a marketing budget, an implementation plan, and key performance objectives.

Marketing strategy

Combinations of tactics to address the marketing problem.


Analysis of competitors, target markets and opportunities, and the identification of a marketing problem.

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Marketing training tailored to your business’s needs

After taking the Marketing Masterclass & Practical Applications course, the participant will be able to…

Discover opportunities

They will be able to analyze the internal and external environment of their business to find marketing opportunities.

Identify strategies

They will be able to identify and understand their target market in order to create appropriate marketing strategies.

Set key goals

They will be able to set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals.

Create a marketing plan

They will be able to develop a strategic marketing plan tailored to their business with the help of marketing, communications, design and multimedia tactics.

Monitor progress

They will be able to update their strategy and ensure the continuation of long-term marketing efforts.

Use the right tools

They will be able to apply all the acquired tools and knowledge to their daily work.


of businesses report getting a new customer thanks to a video on their social media.


of companies have invested in online video ads.


of marketers consider “new customer acquisition” to be the primary benefit of social media.


of marketers consider paid advertising to be “very important” or “extremely important” to their marketing strategy.


of marketers claim that email marketing is the most effective channel for attracting new customers.


of marketers claim that videos have increased the number of visitors to their website.

In 2023, companies need to have a stronger marketing strategy than ever before.

Procuring professional marketing services for one year


Course fee


*Grants are available to cover the majority of the cost

8 modules

1. Analysis

In this first module, the participant is involved in the process of internal and external business analysis, and learns marketing research techniques from the consulting expert. This module is primarily geared towards identifying opportunities and setting goals for the participant’s business.

3 hours

2. Planning

This module covers market segmentation, tactic selection, and budgeting. The participant learns concepts such as marketing mix and content marketing, and directly applies their knowledge within the context of their business.

3 hours

3. Communication

In this module, the participant learns the elements of a brand, communication tools, storytelling, and tips for clear messaging and translation.

3 hours

4. Marketing

In this module, the participant learns various digital and traditional marketing tactics such as social media marketing, posters, event marketing, and word of mouth. They also learn to use the Meta Business Suite app on their iPad.

3 hours

5. Online advertising

In this module, the participant learns how to run an online advertising campaign for their business with the help of their iPad and the Google Ads or Facebook Ads apps (depending on the needs of the business). They learn how to target a specific market, establish an advertising budget, select a campaign type, and optimize said campaign.

3 hours

6. Design

The participant learns the basic principles of design and how to design with two languages in mind. They also learn how to properly integrate their company’s logo, fonts, and brand colours into their day-to-day work. The participant will be shown how to use the Canva app on their iPad.

3 hours

7. Website

This module will be very flexible and tailored to the participant, given that the main concepts will vary depending on the type of website the business has. The key concepts introduced include: creating and modifying web pages, and search engine optimization.

3 hours

8. Multimedia

The participant learns the difference between short-form and long-form videos, and has the opportunity to consult an expert for advice on video assembly and planning a video shoot for their business. They also learn to use the Canva app to create designs on their iPad.

3 hours

Flexible schedule

Learn at your own pace

The training consists of 8 modules lasting 3 hours each, for a total duration of 24 hours. It is possible to complete the training within 2 weeks, or you can elect to spread it out across a longer period.

Training tools


To support the learning process, the participant will receive an iPad that they can keep after the course has been completed. All the course material and presented tools are accessible from this iPad.

Meta Business Suite

The participant will learn how to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook with Business Suite. Other platforms can also be explored depending on business needs.

Google Ads

With the help of our experts, the participant will learn how to create a Google Ads campaign. Other advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads, can be explored upon request


Guided by our experts, the participant will learn basic design principles. They will get to use Canva to create designs that accurately reflect their business’s brand identity.


The participant will learn how to plan and edit eye-catching videos. They will get to consult with communications and multimedia experts to convey a message effectively.

With our awesome team of experts, we can pass on our passion and professional knowledge to you, in addition to guiding you through the development of a badass marketing strategy that is relevant and applicable to your business… live!

Expert consultation

Félixe Bourgeois


Émilie Lebel


Kailyn Cloutier


Julien Boucher


Mélanie Prevost


Lindsey McCaffrey


Julie Tremblay


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